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Sunday, October 6, 2013

October challenge: Crusty Apple Pie

Like Mr. Cratchit, I'm behind my time.   There are two types of people:  crust people and filling people.  I solidly fall into the first category.  So late or not, I didn't want to miss out on this month's challenge.  The idea is brilliant:  just enough filling for flavor and interest, and all the rest a rich, buttery, crust!  The problem here is that it's almost too good.  I found I could pick it up and nosh my way through slice after thin slice, just like pizza.  I think I might have to stick with traditional deeper-dish apple pie, just so each piece actually registers as a dessert serving.

Fortunately, I saved myself a few pounds by making only half the recipe.  I didn't want a mini pie, so I rolled out the full 13" and folded it over on itself.  That way each slice was a normal serving.  (Like "normal" even came into it once the eating began!)

Dulce de leche spread on half the crust.
I had an open jar of dulche de leche in the refrigerator and thought that would be a good additional to the pie.  I just spooned it out and spread on what seemed like a good amount.  (I didn't want it oozing out of the crust if there were too much.)

Keeping the peel adds nutrition and flavor.
I ended up using only one medium-sized apple.  That's less than half the recipe, but it seemed sufficient.  I never peel apples for a baked product.  So far neither I nor anyone else has noticed.  I think peeling the apples is a throw-back to when serving highly refined foods was a sign of wealth and gentility.  We're over that now.  In the same vein, I also substituted half the flour with whole wheat pastry flour.

Artfully decorated, it's ready for the oven.
A few decorative cutouts, and it was ready to go.

I baked it the first 15 minutes at 425, as directed, but when I checked on it the temperature was 475.  That's probably why, after turning the oven temperature down, it was a little over-browned after only 20 minutes.  (I have a temperamental oven.)  It was still delicious!

Conclusion:  This was very good, and came together so easily.  (Especially since I eliminated rolling out a second crust.)  But despite being an avid crust fan, I think I find traditional pie more satisfying.  However, that won't stop me from perhaps trying this again with a layer of cheddar cheese in the bottom.

Recipe:   Crusty Apple Pie via King Arthur Flour


  1. Apple caramel pie sounds delicious - using dulce de leche as filling is a great idea. And your leaf cut outs are so pretty...

  2. Oh my....that looks delicious! I agree this pie is addictive...especially with caramel added to it! Downright sinful! Yummy!

  3. an apple calzone, love it! That dulce de leche is a great idea, love those cut out leaves too!

  4. I love the shape of your pie! Fuss free and fantastic! And using the dulce de leche sounds very delicious!

  5. Great idea to make a calzone and to use whole wheat. The next time I make a pie, I will also not peel the apple. Save effort and serve more nutritious.

  6. I too thought apple calzone when I saw your pics, Fun idea! I'll skip peeling the apples next time.