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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gingerdead Men

I love these!  They're so fun.  And surprisingly easy.  They came as a box mix, complete with cutter, that I bought at Cost+ for about $6.  (The company is Brand Castle, but I can't find this particular product online.)   I tried to buy a similar cutter last year for much more (JUST the cutter!), but they were sold out everywhere. 

The dough is actually chocolate, but I spiffed it up a bit with some cinnamon and ginger.  Nonetheless, the actually cookie was less than stellar (although some people really liked it.)  The directions said to roll the dough to 3/16", but that's really too thick.  The thinner your cookies, the less they'll distort while baking.  These were about 1/4", and that was still a little too thick.  (That's a lot of cookie!)  The package made 10 1/2.  

This is the imprint side of the cutter.

The cutter is two-sided -- one side cuts the basic outline, and the other side makes the imprint.  Much of the imprint was lost during baking because my cookies were thick.  However, this imprint makes it much easier to conform the icing to the image.  I highly recommend it if you don't have good hand coordination.

Conclusion:  The cookies tasted generic, but I'll definitely be using the cutter again with my own dough.

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