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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chocolate Chili Cookies

These cookies are super chocolatey, sort of like the outside of an Oreo cookie, only with real chocolate flavor.  Sort of like a brownie baked into a cookie. I used ground chipotle chili; the result was only the slightest hint of heat in the cookie that some couldn't even detect.  

I was a little thrown off by the direction to roll the dough into 1-ounce balls -- how large is a 1-ounce ball of dough???  It turns out it is about one inch or slightly larger, but since I ended up with 18 cookies instead of 20, my cookies were slightly too large.  Consequently, after 10 minutes, the cookies were still extremely soft, so I cooked them longer, and ultimately cooked them too long.  (The recipe warns against this.)  They were still tasty, but they were chewy-crunchy instead of fudgy.  (Better for dunking.)  They are the perfect cookie for chopping up and mixing into vanilla ice cream. 

These came together quickly and easily; the only tedious part is rolling the dough into the individual balls -- pretty sticky and messy.  You could probably use a dough scoop, but I didn't have mine available when I made these.  But since this is a recipe you could whip up on a moment's notice when the chocolate craving strikes, it's a good one to have up your sleeve.

Conclusion:  These are very chocolatey and nicely address a chocolate craving, but either increase the chili quantity or leave it out.  And as the recipe warns, don't over bake if you want that chewy texture.

Recipe:  Chocolate Chilli Cookies via Scientifically Sweet


  1. I made these about 1-2 months ago (I think I left a comment on her blog). They were awesome! Super chocolaty indeed! My dough was so sticky that there was no way I could form balls of dough. I refrigerated the dough for a bit and that went much better. I left out the chili but would use cayenne next time (have done that with brownies before and it's really good).